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Specialising in Residential and Real Estate
People have always been fascinated with seeing views of locations from the air that they usually can't see for themselves from the ground. These images are beautiful to look at hanging on a wall or posted online can captivate visitors to a website or social media, especially if they're moving images. They bring a certain prestige to the website that make customers take notice and remember it and the products and services being advertised.

One of the great things about using a Drone for ariel photography is that no matter what the subject matter is, (be it residential or commercial land, buildings, or landmarks) we can get images and video from multiple angles, so there are plenty of views to choose from when deciding on a final image to be framed or footage to be uploaded. 
Of course, you can just choose to keep ALL of the High-Resolution photos taken on a USB key if you wish. Another major advantage is that where buildings are the subject, the Drone can hover low enough so we can capture the best view of the front/sides of said buildings from above, so no more pictures where we see too much roof and not enough house.


Prices below are based on the usual one off residential/farm drone visit.
For commercial work with multiple drone operations and visits, prices can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

6+ High resolution photos

6+ High resolution photos from various angles of property which can be downloaded from an online link or put on a USB key which can then be printed off any size for personal use or shared privately as you wish.

One framed 12"x 8" Picture

One printed 12"x 8" Picture of your choice from the photos taken in a 16" x 12" 30mm Frame behind a pale ivory textured mount. This is on a choice of:
- Walnut & Black Wood Frame with Gold Insert.
- Black 30mm Bevel Wood Frame
or €50 extra with other purchase

ONe framed 16"x12" picture

One printed 16"x12" Picture of your choice from the photos taken in a 20" x 16" Frame behind a pale ivory textured mount. This is on a choice of:
- Walnut & Black Wood Frame with Gold Insert.
- Black 30mm Bevel Wood Frame.
- Black 45mm Bevel Wood Frame360 degree "virtual Tour" digital photos also available to capture the full surrounding area.
or €70 extra with other purchase

Video of property 2 - 4min

Video of property can be taken in various patterns, i.e., usually either an orbiting path around and focusing on the property or starting close to the property and then flying up and further away while still focusing on the property. 2-4 minutes.
or €500 with 6 photos on USB


Various clips of property footage(Exterior and Interior if desired) will be edited down to a property video between 2-4 minutes long with music. A lovely cinematic keepsake similar to Real Estate videos or promo work.
or €600 with 6 photos on USB

Digital touching up of photos

Digital touching up of photos can be done to improve a photo within reason. i.e., removing weeds and items/people from the foreground background/yards/fields etc. painting sheds etc. Even removing neighbouring or certain buildings at an extreme. Can be any photo of your own which you provide.
€50 - €250 depending on work involved 

Please Contact me for Commercial use licence prices

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